The 10 Best Gun Oils in 2018 – Comprehensive Buyers Guide

Part of maintaining your gun includes regular use of a high quality gun oil. This is important and will make a huge change in the high performance and effectiveness of your firearm.

Whether your use your gun for hunting, self-protection or it is your hobby then learning how to care for your gun is vital. A malfunctioning gun can become dangerous so let’s take a look at the best gun oils to use with your weapon.

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Best Air Rifle Reviews for 2018

Air rifles are an ideal option for affordable target practice, pest control and to teach a beginner or younger shooter the basics. There are many different models so in the following post I will highlight the best air rifles that are currently available as well as the key information you should know before purchasing.

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Winchester Gun Safe Reviews – Do NOT buy before reading this!

Before we get started, let us share our personal philosophy behind them. We love a good safe just as much as we love our guns. We think of safes as family heirlooms that you can pass down to your kids and grandkids. We’ve also observed over the years that no matter how big the safe, it fills up fast. Apart from guns and ammo, other valuables find their way in there rather quickly. Therefore, our thinking is to get a safe as big as you can possibly get. Read More

5 Liberty Gun Safe Door Panels – Our Top Picks 2018

Are you looking out for gun safes that look strikingly stylish and are also loaded with the best features? Well, in that case, the liberty door panel gun safes can be a perfect option. These safes are out of premium quality build design and are extremely feature-rich and viable. They offer you maximum and efficient storage space, thereby letting you store your precious equipment in the comfort of your own home without worrying. Read More

10 Biometric Gun Safes for Handgun/Rifle – Read this before buying!

Biometric gun safes are more popular as compared to an electronic gun safe because one does not have to fumble for a key or have to stay calm enough to punch in a code during the crisis.

There are 5+ new biometric gun safes being launched every quarter and many of them have innovative and incredible features you’ve never heard of. But, if you choose any random fingerprint gun safe out there, there are few things which can go wrong, such as power failure, limited lifetime, fingerprint mismatch error and so on.

That’s the reason why we’ve decided to dig more about these biometric gun safes. We’ve tested approx 140 biometric gun safes at our labs and to be honest, most of them sucked. Still, there are many robust gun safe models we’ve found, and here are the details about those best biometric gun safe models: Read More

Car Gun Safe Reviews: The Best Gun Safe for Car 2018

Having a gun with you is a great deal of power. The best part is that you can protect yourself from a variety of threats such as human and non-human ones. But, as the saying goes on, with great power comes great responsibilities as well. Keeping your gun safely is indeed such an important responsibility you come across. Gun Safes are actually meant to help you there and there are many instances when you really need to pick the best gun safe for cars and other purposes. Continue Reading

Best Gun Safes Reviews 2018 – Do NOT buy before reading this!

The best gun safe is a storage space specifically meant for firearms used in homes and businesses to defend against intruders or burglars. However, with the overwhelming number of safes available in the market, these days purchasing one may prove to be a difficult decision.

This guide is primarily designed to assist you in selecting an essential safe for you. Our Gun safe reviews comprise of helpful information, such as gun safe features and their benefits, to help you decide, which safe best suits your needs. Read More

Biometric Gun Safe Vs Traditional Gun Safes – Which One You Should Prefer?

In estimation, around 3.7 million household burglaries have occurred in the United States for each consecutive year on average from 2003 to 2007, according to the US Department of Justice. Out of these 3.7 million, 28%, roughly one million, of these burglaries occurred with one household member being present in the home itself, victimization occurring in some form only among 7% of these robberies.

Faced with a similar situation, how quick could you be? Faced with a highly adrenaline filled anxiety how would you be able to remember any passcode for a gun safe? Why would you still adhere to a traditional model for a gun safe when the upgraded version is particularly made to improve your level of safety and security? Read More