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Welcome to Guns & Safety Reviews, we pride ourselves in having the latest information available on the best products for our readers. We regularly update our content to make sure our reviews contain only the best gun safes, gun safety equipment and gun accessories on the market.

Our site content is kept up to date largely in thanks to American veterans and gun enthusiasts.


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Benjamin Worthen

Expert Writer

Benjamin Worthen is a former Gunsmith of more than 20 years. He now works as a writer in the firearms industry and as a marketing consultant for several industries including the Political and Firearms arenas. He has worked in consulting capacities and as a contract vendor for the military and law enforcement agencies and as a firearms designer and engineer for proof of concept pieces and custom firearms. He is a vocal supporter of Second Amendment rights.

justin at the range

Justin Stewart


An excellent writer and even better shot, Justin is a firearms expert. With years of hands-on experience, he shares his expansive knowledge of the industry with the readers at Guns & Safety Reviews!

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James Miller


Ex-military, James is a self-defense expert with a passion to teach. While most of his days are now spent training others, he also finds time to share his knowledge with the readers at Guns & Safety Reviews!






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