10 Best Gun Safe Reviews 2017 – Do NOT buy before reading this!

Last updated: April 9th 2017.

The best gun safe is a storage space specifically meant for firearms used in homes and businesses to defend against intruders or burglars. However, with the overwhelming number of safes available in the market, these days purchasing one may prove to be a difficult decision. This guide is primarily designed to assist you in selecting an essential safe for you. Our Gun safe reviews comprise of helpful information, such as gun safe features and their benefits, to help you decide which safe best suits your needs.

Best Gun Safe Models - Our Recommendations 2017

Best Gun Safes For Rifles And Long Barreled Guns

These safes are great to store rifles and other small ammo cases. Some of the top safes in the market to house your guns are listed below.

This safe is all about elegance and defence. It has great aesthetics, and comes with storage space of up to 8 guns of around 47” long. The safe comes with an interior locking cabinet that has its own locking mechanism.

    • Comes coated with a quality 18-gauge powder for better defence.
    • Hidden hinges provide protection against theft.
    • With a heavy steel build, it is nearly impossible to penetrate
    • A grey mat is provided at the bottom to offer great cushioning for rifle storage

The safe is perfect for gun users who have a lot of long guns; it has a great little facility in the form of a storage box within its safe to provide storage of valuable items such as ammo, jewellery, etc. The Paragon Lock & Safe is a great investment for life that can provide valuable protection for your firearms and valuables against invaders.

With the Barska Biometric rifle safe, you have the only safe you’ll ever need for rifle protection. Each of its removable internal storage racks has space for 12 rifles. The model comes with a fingerprint technology that allows only the user and no one else to access the safe.

    • Stores a massive 120 programmed fingerprints in its memory
    • Comes with a solid 5 deadbolt locking system keeping the shrewdest of intruders out of reach.
    • The inside of the safe box is lined up with cushion material that can preserve your most intricate of valuables.
    • With its solid steel build, it completely guarantees that the contents are protected from unauthorised use.

The Barska Large Biometric Rifle safe combines technology with durable build quality to give you a smart way of safekeeping your firearms. Its massive storage space is ideal to store a large amount of rifles along with handguns to have an optimum safety collection.

This safe is the epitome of defensive build quality. It comes with a massive 2.75mm thick steel to be completely resistant to any amount of prying and hacking open. The BIGHORN 19ECB Gun safe itself is built to house a good number of rifles, handguns, documents, other equipment, quite comfortably. It relies on its heavy build quality to provide maximum protection.

    • Offers top of the line defence quality with a 1.5” thick steel front and a 4.75” overall thickness to complement its defensive prowess.
    • 8 door bolts to completely secure the door with a 1” diameter of each door bolt.
    • Provides a fire protection of up to 1200 degree Fahrenheit

Due to its heavy build, the safe is meant for owners to use as many firearms locked up inside it as possible to keep them under protection until required. The BIGHORN 19ECB gun safe is a great investment that will last you several years and provide you with the best firearms protection.

The Steelwater Duty 16 safe is a gigantic tower of defensive capabilities for your firearms; it has a unique feature that allows you to never be locked out of your own safe with the double bitted bypass key. It comes with a large storage for around 8 to 9 rifles and has a lot of compartments that can store handguns, ammo, and other important valuables.

    • Its lock system is enabled with an EMP proof electronic system
    • Has 9 1” diameters of steel locking bolts to ensure maximum security under the toughest of conditions.
    • The door is 4” inch thick which is completely drill proof and completely ballistic proof as well. This ensures that the door can absorb a lot of punishment and still be impossible to penetrate
    • Can sustain a fire resistance of around 1550 Fahrenheit making it a tough safe that won’t crack under any amount of stress.

The Steelwater Safe is a must buy for those looking to have a built in auto release bypass system instead of getting locked out. The safe itself is perfect with a durable build and the top of the line defensive capabilities.

The Winchester 19-11-E gun safe is a mammoth 12-gauge steel safe that is fire resistant for 1-hour flammability of over 1400 Fahrenheit. It comes with a storage space of 24 guns and offers valuable space for other items that need storing such as ammo, handguns, rifles, etc.

    • Comes with 10 1.25 inches of solid steel locking bolts that ensure the safe is impenetrable with a 4-way locking system.
    • It is made to offer drill resistance and is next to impossible to break in.
    • With 3 layers of fireboard constructed in the door and 2 layers in the body, the safe is extremely fire resistant and offers complete protection against fire for an hour at the least.

The Winchester safe is a clever investment for those looking to store away a massive collection of firearms with the added security of being fire resistant and completely drill resistant. The safe itself is durable and provides the user with a top of the line protection to safeguard the firearms.

The cleverly designed safe has storage space for 2 tactical rifles as well as 14 standard rifles. It comes with 3 removable shelves that are neatly placed for additional uses such as handguns and ammo storage. The cabinet also has a lot of durabilities to withstand punishment if anyone tries to pry and break the cabinet.

    • Comes with a 3 point locking system for absolute protection and a key coded lock.
    • Inclusive of barrel rests that can be adjusted as needed to store some of your heavier tactical equipment that requires more room space than rifles.
    • When not in use you can transform the upper areas into shelves for storing addition items.

The security gun safe comes with an approval from the California Justice Department as high-standard equipment for storing arms. There is no reason more than this to pick this safe up today and enjoy a wide storage space with added protection.

When it comes to the Sportsman Buffalo 32, you can be rest assured of top notch build quality combined with features like fire resistance up to 40 mins at 1200 Fahrenheit. The safe holds up to 32 guns and has many pouches on the side of the door to hold handguns and ammo.

    • Comes with 32 rifle organizers and 11 gun pockets that are perfect for any user’s collection of firearms, 6 zipper pockets, and 6 pistol holders.
    • With a 14-gauge door to protect the exterior, your firearms have to be accessed via a 3 spoked handle.
    • Comes predrilled with a hole that you can attach a light to illuminate the safe.
    • The safe itself comes with 2 keys and a combination code via the keypad to access it.

The Sportsman buffalo 32 is a gigantic all around safe to keep your firearms in a nice organized way for easy access. With the best in business defense and a thorough quality check to ensure a theft free build from prying tools and drill weapons.

This muscular looking safe is a gigantic 9-gauge steel with additional ¼ inches of steel on the door to provide the user with an astounding amount of defense. It can store up to 45 long guns and has a mammoth space to store a whole gallery of firearms. Some of its impressive features include.

    • Has a gear drive system to make any hack and pry attempts impossible
    • Has an 8 X Hardplate tech to ensure that there is no way drills can penetrate the body of the safe, and protects even the gear drive system and the door itself from any vulnerabilities.
    • Double sided U channel to prevent breakage of any sorts.

This monster of a safe is perfect for individuals that are looking to expand their firearms collection and have no more storage space in their existing safes. This safe has the best line of defense in terms of protection and comes with fire proof resistance for over 120 minutes.

Best Gun Safes For Hand Gun Storage

When it comes to storing handguns, you need portable or reliable hidden vaults that can be accessed at any time. Here are some of the best safes of the list to protect your handguns.

The GunVault safe comes in a mini enclosure made out of a strong steel build. It is sturdy enough to store one handgun securely, let us find some of its many features below.

    • Comes with an audio alarm that senses it is being tampered with from the hands of children or intruders. The safety purpose proves to be vital in emergency situations.
    • Shows an Audio and LED warning in case of low battery situations.
    • Next to impossible to pry open the safe due its durable build quality and ensures no one but you have access to the safe at all times.
      • Sleek enough to fit any enclosure and durable enough to keep the handgun safe from being used other than when needed.

The Gunvault Handgun Safe is the perfect option if you’re looking for something sleek and sturdy.

​Two words to describe this amazing safe: Quiet and Invisible. For any homeowner, there is nothing more advantageous than to have a safe that remains out of sight and is accessible when in need. The 18-gauge gun safe offers unique design wherein the gun is placed in a position that requires just a quick reach and grabs movement from the user.

    • Has a quick access keypad that enables the toughest of protection to keep your firearm protected.
    • Is provided with a backup override key that can be accessed in case of emergency situations.
    • The interior foam that is placed inside the safe provides maximum durability to any firearm that is placed within it.
      • Extremely discreet making intruders unaware of your presence when you try to access your handgun from the safe.

The GunVault SV 500 is perfect for a residential requirement where the user needs the combination of fast retrieval with dead silence in an emergency.

This beautiful little safe has a magnitude of features on offer for its users, from being able to charge your mobile phone, it can be programmed to send a message to the user if the gun box is being tampered with. The GunBox is vital to keep your handgun secure.

    • Smart biometric technology ensures that your firearm is well out of reach to kids
    • Intruders who attempt to steal the box can be tracked via smart GPS technology
    • Provides 2 USB ports to be able to charge your phones.
      • Can be used in your Car as well with a car adapter

The Gunbox is a genius device that offers many features alongside the ability to defend yourself by keeping your handgun secure and accessible. It is an invaluable defense box that every homeowner should have by their side.

The Nanovault 200 is a portable and convenient little safe that can store valuable things such as passport, keys, cards, and a handy firearm. The best part about this compact safe is its usefulness as a travel companion, you can keep yourself secure with a handgun with you at all times that is locked securely.

    • Comes with a 1.25-inch memory foam to provide a cushion base for all your valuable items.
    • 18-gauge steel construction ensures the utmost safety even in a compact box such as the NV200
    • Includes a 1500lb security cable to fasten your NanoVault to a fixed object for easy access.

The Nanovault is great to include a briefcase, car stash holder, etc. it can provide defense on the move due to its portability and makes a superb purchase for every traveling enthusiast.

Why do I need a gun safe if I own firearms?

Simply put, anyone can have access to your firearm if it is left in the open, from intruders to young children playing with it. This is a major cause of concern and necessitates that firearms be stored away, somewhere you can access them in the case of an emergency.

A gun safe also provides you with multiple features such as concealed and hidden alarm system, providing lighting to your firearms in case of a power outage, and lots of other invaluable features. A gun safe is of utmost importance if you own a firearm. Of course, you could always use a gun safe to hold valuable items like passports, ammo, jewelry, and other important items.

What if a gun safe fails and cannot provide adequate protection?

Valid question. Firstly, gun safes from leading brands are made with one thing in mind: Defense. A safe isn’t a safe if it can be broken or penetrated easily. Hence, it is always the responsibility of the user to look for a safe with top build quality along with superior storage options for a wide variety of firearms storage.

Most gun safes are impossible to penetrate and come drill-proof, meaning a drill machine cannot manage to get in due to superior build quality in the form of steel safes. This is an extremely important security measure to consider during your choice of a quality safe.

Need ideas on which Gun Safe should I choose?

Let us help you decide by providing you a list of some of the best gun safes in the industry to secure your firearm in the best possible way. While choosing a gun safe you have to make sure you place utmost importance on understanding certain product attributes.

  • A good safe has to have a really strong build that cannot be damaged by hammers, tools, or any equipment of portable quality.
  • A top notch safe has to have some form of fire protection especially when it’s a large home safe due to the risk of damage to all your equipment if a fire were to break loose. A good safe has to have at least 30 minutes of fire resistance quality built in it.
  • Storage must be an important factor to consider when buying a gun safe beforehand. If you are a user who likes to own a large collection of firearms, it is a good idea to buy a large safe and plan early.
  • Safes come in different designs – from sturdy deadbolt locking systems to biometric fingerprint scanning system. Each has its own form of protection and caters to a different set of user requirement. There are different types of safes to consider before making a choice.

Why Invest in a Gun Safe?

  • Owning a gun safe will prevent any un-authorized use. There is no need to worry Browning gun safe about any other person using your gun without your knowledge.
  • Keeping your gun in a high-quality safe will prevent corrosion. Gun safes provide an environment that is free from humidity, which is ideal for storing your gun.
  • If you are looking to keep the overall quality and beauty of your firearm, you will need to invest in a gun safe. It is essential in preventing your firearm from being damaged. Professional quality gun safes also protect your gun from common damages that may be caused by fire, poor storage or mishandling.

There are a variety of different options that you can choose from in your search for a new gun safe. Gun safes vary considerably and come in different sizes, types, and styles. The most important thing that should influence your decision on which safe to buy must be what the safe’s primary purpose will be. You may choose a different safe if you want to keep your firearm from being stolen while you may choose something entirely different if you only want to protect your firearm from wear and tear.

Things to Consider When Buying a Gun Safe

Nowadays, it is possible to find different gun safes available in the market and because of this it has become even more difficult to determine which will best suit your individual requirements. For your guide, gun safes reviews will unveil all the essential aspects that need to be considered before buying a gun safe.

The Locks

There are actually three different types of locks that are available for gun safes which include biometric, electronic keypad and mechanical lock.

  • Biometric locks: They are offering quicker access through the use of biological Gunvault-Biometric-Gun-Same recognition technology. This uses the owner’s fingerprint when unlocking the safe with all you having to do is to place your finger on the scanner and it will be unlocked. Biometric gun safe reviews will allow you to determine if this will be more essential for you.
  • Electronic locks: Typically powered by nine-volt batteries, these locks offer a quick access and enable you to alter the combination you made. All you have to do is to enter a numeric combination on the keypad and it will automatically open the safe when the combination is correct.
  • Mechanical or Dial locks: These open by dialing a numeric combination on a hand-turned wheel and do not require any type of power source as they do not have electrical parts.

Door Thickness

A more rigid and thicker door will be more beneficial as it has a greater ability to resist any pry attacks. A gun safe with a door made of many pieces of steel is much more durable due to the strategic bends in the metal that strengthen it while also offering maximum fire protection. Keep in mind that most thieves attack the door of a gun safe, therefore, the thicker the door, the better. It is recommended to have a 5/16-inch gun safe door if not thicker.

Bolt Locking System

Bolts are actually responsible for locking the door of your safe securely to its body or the frame. They are very thick bolts that extend from the door into the body that securely locks the door when you turn the locking handle. The thicker and longer the bolts, the more durable it is.

Fire Ratings

On most occasions, residential fires reach 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, the House On Fire windows will blow out and then holes will emerge in the roof which means that temperatures do not naturally get any hotter. However, it still takes time for the fire trucks to arrive and therefore it is important to buy as much time as possible.

Several safe companies are utilizing various laboratory examinations to rate and test their safes on how long these safes are able to prevent any internal elements from reaching the flashpoint temperatures of even less than three-hundred fifty degrees. Gun safes reviews recommend choosing gun safes rating with maximum minutes.

Protection Type

Before buying a gun safe, you must determine exactly what form of protection they provide. Even the most basic gun safes offer various forms of protection such as burglary protection, humidity, and fire, it is still possible to obtain a gun safe which is specifically designed for a single protection type. If your major concern is the fire then you may consider choosing a gun safe that is made for maximum fire protection.

There are a number of manufacturers that produce various forms of gun safes which may make choosing the best one can be daunting since all these gun safes are equipped with essential features and provide many benefits.

Different gun safes are intended for different purposes with a number of gunsafes being primarily made for keeping guns out of reach of children.

Features of the Gun Safe You Need to Consider when Buying

When buying a gun safe, your first move is to fully understand its different features. Not all gun safe units are the same, some may suit your needs perfectly while others may not. When purchasing a gun safe, here are the different features you need to consider:

  • Exact Size: Depending on the size of your gun, you may get a small or a large gun safe. According to gun safe reviews, it is best to purchase a safe of average size. You also need to ensure that you are measuring the depth, width and height of the gun safe.
  • Heavy Weight: If you want to get the best gun safe, make sure that it is quite heavy as thieves will find it harder to steal your guns. Biometric gun safe reviews claim that the heavier the gun safe, the more secure it is.
  • Sturdy Lock Type: If you are planning on buying a large or small gun safe, you have to check its lock type. A manual lock is not advised because other people may be able to access it easily. In addition, you also need to consider the construction of the lock type as some may be sturdy while others may not.
  • Superb Quality: According to gun safe reviews, the best unit is one which is high in quality and has reliable features. If you wish to have one, don’t forget to compare one brand to another and also to make sure that you check its overall features before buying.

After considering the different features of a gun safe, you can easily pick the one which best suits your needs. Like other gun owners, it is also good to consider the background of your preferred shop as through this you are certain to get your desired gun safe.

Wrapping Up

If you are excited to get the gun safe online, you must make the right move now! Instead of worrying on what to pick from, don’t hesitate to check the different features of the gun safe. Through the use of gun safe reviews you can decide which unit can prove to be effective and which cannot. So, pick the right one and see how this gun safe works.

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