Biometric Gun Safe Vs Traditional Gun Safes – Which One You Should Prefer?

In estimation, around 3.7 million household burglaries have occurred in the United States for each consecutive year on average from 2003 to 2007, according to the US Department of Justice. Out of these 3.7 million, 28%, roughly one million, of these burglaries occurred with one household member being present in the home itself, victimization occurring in some form only among 7% of these robberies.

Faced with a similar situation, how quick could you be? Faced with a highly adrenaline filled anxiety how would you be able to remember any passcode for a gun safe? Why would you still adhere to a traditional model for a gun safe when the upgraded version is particularly made to improve your level of safety and security?

A gun safe’s particularly important feature is to have instant access to your firearms in times of emergencies, and emergencies require quick action, something traditional gun safes cannot seem to aspire towards. But other similarly significant features of these contraptions can be referred to as follows:

  • To follow ‘Child Access Prevention Laws’.
  • To follow ‘Firearm Locking Device Laws’
  • To prevent your firearms from theft
  • To keep you guns safe from fire

When you consider it, most biometric gun safes provide you with a more upgraded version of each of these qualities, with most traditional safe’s not even including any precaution when it comes to fires.

Biometric gun safes in turn also improve these features due to their modern technology and innovative design.

  • Security.

These safes answer simply to your fingerprints. No one else can access it without you being present to press up your finger against the scanner. Not any of your children, and not any of those uninvited burglars.

  • Beneficial in Emergency situations.

As mentioned before, these machines will let you quickly access your firearms during emergencies, since all you’re required to do to get access to these contraptions is to press up your finger against the scanner. No lock you need to secure the key for, and no password you need to anxiously recall while you worry over your family as well as your own safety.

  • Ambiguity

You can definitely find safes reliable for simple hand gun storage, but if you look for it you can even find certain safes with ambiguous compartments, where, while storing guns, you can even keep your important documents or items stored, especially as they’re made up of fire-proof strong steel.

In conclusion, protecting yourself from any home invasions or for simple protection, for quick accessibility as well as security purposes, a biometric gun safe will be much more reliable than your traditional safe.

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