Cannon Gun Safe – How They Are Different From Traditional Gun Safes?

A general rule when considering buying any gun safe, other than the general laws that are to be abided by, most gun owners prefer durable, as well as, secured safes, i.e. gun safes that keep unauthorized individuals from accessing it. There are still similar concerns to take care of when looking into purchasing one of these boxes, such as its resistance to fire, burglary protection, quick access for owners, as well as flooding or building collapses.

Traditional gun safes as perceived by the average gun owner, seem as the best option when considering purchasing any sort of protection for their guns, or even general valuables. But then, most burglars are pretty much associated well with these traditional safety devices, therefore, getting through to them would be simple enough to do.

As a substitute, and a better alternative, Cannon gun safes can offer much more than a regular traditional gun safe. Especially when looking into the regular safe’s specifications, that rarely ever coincide with what an average gun owner would prefer in a contraption that protects his gun. Established in 1965, the reputation of these gun safes has been high and above most safes, making it a trustworthy product while maintaining its budget friendly disposition. A Cannon gun safe on the other hand gives what is expected.

Cannon Gun Safes – Why You Should Buy This?

  • These safes are rated to withstand fires up to 1200 F, a regular temperature that is observed in a normal house fire in the US. It might not be the highest present in the market, but its more widely known for its sustainability, as practiced in its initial tests.
  • These safes offer several anti-burglary features, namely including 3 layers of high-strength 60+ RC rated steel hard-plates and 4’’+ thick safe doors to protect the safe from tampering, drilling or hammering attempts.
  • Most of the cannon safes incorporate dual locks, i.e. when one lock fails, for example the electrical lock, a backup mechanical lock will be put into place, making you burglar’s job the hardest possible.
  • Most of these products come with enough space, as well as customizable options to include specific sections wherein you can store particular products of other importance, like documents.

All in all, Cannon gun safes have been produces for over half a century, and have been historically known for their safety and security values. Perhaps a traditional propriety, these safes keep updating themselves to match with current burglary as well as technological trends.

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