Cannon Gun Safe Reviews – Our Top Picks 2018

With the unprecedented growth in crime rates all over the world it is no easy feat to ensure complete security of your valuables. Protect your precious belongings from the dangers of theft, burglary or any other natural disaster with the ultra-strong Cannon gun safes.

No doubt Cannon gun safes are one of the most widely used gun safe brand in the world and you can opt for Cannon Safe CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire Safe, Hammer-Tone Black without doing any further research if price of gun safe is not barrier for you.

However if you are low on budget, we would recommend Cannon Safe OS4-H11HEC-15 Office Solutions Fire Safe with Power Supply and High Security Ul Electronic Loc which is value for money and comes with great features and durability of course.

Used primarily to store guns and ammunitions, these tough cabinets prevent any unauthorised access and can easily store important stuff like ammunitions, cash or jewellery. A key player in the Gun safes market, Cannon has been in business for almost 45 years and is known for its medium sized gun safes. An ideal choice for both personal and professional use, Cannon’s range of gun safes is a rage in the market, complemented by excellent services and supreme quality.

Best Cannon Gun Safes 2018: Updated Mar 2018

24 Gun Capacity
Fire Protection
Electronic Lock
Internal Power Supply
Our Rating
Cannon EX40 Executive
24 Gun Capacity
Fire Protection
Electronic Lock
Internal Power Supply
Our Rating : 4.5/5
CA23 Cannon Series Delux
24 Gun Capacity
Fire Protection
Electronic Lock
Internal Power Supply
Our Rating : 5/5
24 Gun Capacity
Fire Protection
Electronic Lock
Internal Power Supply
Our Rating : 4.6/5
24 Gun Capacity
Fire Protection
Electronic Lock
Internal Power Supply
Our Rating : 4.7/5
OS4-H11HEC-15 Office
24 Gun Capacity
Fire Protection
Electronic Lock
Internal Power Supply
Our Rating : 4.8/5

Now that you’re interested in Cannon gun safes (a very smart choice indeed) you’d probably want to know more about what products the brand has to offer. Check out the best cannon gun safe models and recent launches to get a better idea. Read through a brief review of each product and decide for yourselves.

#1 CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire Safe – Aesthetically Awesome and Functionally Fabulous

CA23 Cannon Series Deluxe Fire SafeA dependable option, CA23 Cannon Deluxe Fire Safe is easy on the eyes as well as your pocket! It is fire resistant and protects your valuables from any danger. The tough frame and design make it the perfect to protect your treasured belongings.

The Facts and the Stats

  • Product dimensions: 60”h X 30”w X 22” d
  • Product weight: 560lbs
  • Fire resistant and tough steel framework
  • It can store up to a maximum of 24 guns
  • It has an in-built power supply that comes with two 110V plug points
  • It even comes with a USB port, and Ethernet connection
  • Lifetime warranty.

Why Should You Buy it?

  • It has been subjected to many fire endurance tests and offers an amazing resistance to 1200 degree F up to a whopping 60 minutes! This has been verified by Intertek-ETL.
  • Also it offers a sturdy titanium coated locks and handle along with a door that is almost impenetrable with 4 inches of thick steel.
  • The aesthetically pleasing design with elegant handmade pin strips would match perfectly with any decor.
  • The Tru-Rack security system with multiple shelves that can adjust and accommodate your stuff accordingly is replete with many wonderful features to ensure complete protection of your items.
  • The reliable Cannon EMP lock that works both electronically and manually, it even gives you more than enough space for proper storage of your high-value goods.

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#2 Cannon EX40 Executive Series Safe

Cannon EX40 Executive Series SafeWhether you’re a gun collector or want to secure your treasured cash and jewellery you can always trust the Cannon EX40 series! The intelligent design provides premium quality security to all your valuables, making this safe tough, fire resistant, and capable to prevent any burglary or theft.

The Facts and the Stats

  • Product dimensions: 59”h X 40”w X 24”l
  • Product weight: 510lbs
  • It can store up to a maximum of 64 guns
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty

Check Out the Amazing Features!

  • Sturdy steel doors that are high on security, and offer electronic locks of commercial grade quality along with three-spoked handles
  • Fire resistant, it can endure up to 1200 degrees! Also the triple fin seal can be extended to safeguard your treasures from smoke
  • It even has the TruLock hinges that are in-built, a speciality of Cannon.
  • The solid steel frame and spacy interiors provide the ideal atmosphere to keep your valuables safe and secure
  • The 14 gauge steel drilled flooring along with the chic paint ensures that the safe is long lasting and durable
  • The upholstery walls and shelves can be adjusted accordingly
  • It is available in black and brown colors that go wonderfully with the home décor

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#3 P22HR-H1TEC-13 Patriot Series Safe – A Blend of Toughness and Elegance

P22HR-H1TEC-13 Patriot Series SafeThis premium quality P22HR-H1TEC-13 Patriot Series safe launched by Cannon is one of the best and most recommended products in the market. A perfect mix of elegance and toughness, the Patriot series safes ensure a hundred percent protection of your valuables.

The Facts and the Features

  • Product dimensions: 30 X 22 X 59 inches
  • Product weight: 529 pounds
  • An in built power supply cord along with USB port
  • Proven to be fire resistant by the UL& ETL certification
  • It can store a maximum of 30 guns
  • Lifetime warranty

What is so Special About it?

  • Dependable and durable, the solid steel framework is impenetrable.
  • The excellent interiors and stylish exteriors makes it a must have, as it blends in seamlessly with your home décor
    Replete with many wonderful features such as intelligent Toplite locking systems that can be controlled both manually and automatically; comes along with tough doors and handles tp ensure extra protection
  • It gives you ample space to store your goods with its adjustable shelves and floor spacing
  • It comes with a chic and sophisticated logo of the Patriot series with silk screens.
  • Available in many beautiful designs and colors, this is one safe that you cannot afford to miss!

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#4 HE3220-H10HEC-14 Home Essentials Collection Fire Safe – The Right Choice

HE3220-H10HEC-14 Home Essentials Collection Fire SafeLooking for the perfect HE3220-H10HEC-14 Home Essentials Collection Fire safe to store all the valuable jewellery and extra cash? Well your search ends here! The Home Essentials collections is perfect for personal use and effectively protects all your prized possessions from the various dangers of theft or fire lurking out there

The Facts and the Stats

  • Product weight: 214 pounds
  • It comes with 4 inch locking bolts along with the solid hinges from Trulock
  • Also the sturdy steel frame double doors and a 60 RC steel triple plated lock
  • An inbuilt power supply and media ports
  • Available in chocolate brown color

What We Like

  • The Home Essential series launched by Cannon is an ideal choice for people who want to safeguard their valuables in their homes.
  • Available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors you can get the perfect safe that matches with your home’s interiors.
  • It is dependable with its solid structure and steel framework, protecting your valuables efficiently
  • It has successfully passed many fire resistance tests and can endure amazingly high degrees for 60 mins!
  • The triple layer intumescent seal protects your items from heat and smoke
  • The spacious interiors and stylish exteriors along with adjustable shelves, handles and intelligent locking makes it all the more desirable.

#5 HE4820-H10HEC-14 Home Essentials Collection Fire Safe – Sturdy and Elegant

HE4820-H10HEC-14 Home Essentials Collection Fire SafeAvailable in chocolate brown color, the Home Essential fire safe launched by Cannon is perfect for storing all your precious jewelleries and lose cash. Affordable and eye pleasing, it would go marvellously with any kind of décor. Also it is theft resistant and secures your valuables from the fury of nature as well

The Facts and the Stats

  • Product weight: 276 pounds
  • Available in chocolate brown color
  • Pre-installed power supply cords, USB port and media ports

Why Should you go for it?

  • It can endure up to very high temperatures as proven by the many fire endurance experiments and tests, it has successfully passed the 60 minute ELT certification
  • The triple fin seal ensures that your valuables are safe from the smoke and heat produced by any fire
  • The solid framework is made of hundred percent steel and ensure durability
  • Affordable and effective, it is an ideal choice for users who want premium quality features at budget prices
  • Available in different colors and shapes, it can blend in with any design and décor
  • The 6-4 inches bolt locks and the sturdy Trulock patented hinges along with dual steel door and 60 RC steel coated locks further secure your treasures

#6 OS4-H11HEC-15 Office Solutions Fire Safe – As Safe As It Gets

OS4-H11HEC-15 Office Solutions Fire SafeWith the Office Solutions, you can now safeguard all the important official documents and extra cash in a safe that is fire resistant and does not support unauthorized access of unknown people. Compact and effective, it is perfect for office use

The Facts and the Stats

  • Product weight: 226 pounds
  • Available in granite color
  • 110V power supply cords and 2 USB ports plus RJ45 Ethernet connection
  • Adjustable doors, chic and spacious interiors

The Many Perks Offered by this Safe

  • The biggest advantage offered by this safe is its compactness of design. It doesn’t really require much space but ensures 100 percent security of the valuables stored.
  • Fire resistant, it can endure surprisingly high degrees up to 75 minutes. This has been approved and certified by ETL.
  • It is easy to store and is portable as well because of its light framework and design
  • It comes with 3 to 4 inches of bolts with auto locking technology, the tough Trulock system of the hinges, the steel double doors and 60 RC steel plated locks

The Final Word

A favourite among most users across the globe, Cannon has now become a household name. Cannon gun safes are known for their supreme quality services and tough performance. The brand stands for honesty and hard work, two very important qualities that any company must adopt and implement. Also at Cannon, the products are constantly reinvented and upgraded keeping up with the latest technology and demands of the market making its safes the choice of one and all!

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