Biometric Gun Safe Vs Traditional Gun Safes – Which One You Should Prefer?

In estimation, around 3.7 million household burglaries have occurred in the United States for each consecutive year on average from 2003 to 2007, according to the US Department of Justice. Out of these 3.7 million, 28%, roughly one million, of these burglaries occurred with one household member being present in the home itself, victimization occurring in some form only among 7% of these robberies.

Faced with a similar situation, how quick could you be? Faced with a highly adrenaline filled anxiety how would you be able to remember any passcode for a gun safe? Why would you still adhere to a traditional model for a gun safe when the upgraded version is particularly made to improve your level of safety and security? Read More

Winchester Gun Safe – How They Are Different From Traditional Gun Safes?

A gun safe is what makes us feel better protected and safe, while holding on to the fact that our kids will not be able to access it without any permission provided by us. Over the years, we’ve also noticed how gun safes have become another place to store our important treasures and documents as well. All these important factors make buying one an important and necessary job, as almost everything you value will somehow end up guarded by this secure machine. Buying a useless piece of gunk, then, just for its design, or accessibility at the store, or even the marketing skills of the store clerks themselves, shouldn’t be your reason alone to purchase them. Read More

Cannon Gun Safe – How They Are Different From Traditional Gun Safes?

A general rule when considering buying any gun safe, other than the general laws that are to be abided by, most gun owners prefer durable, as well as, secured safes, i.e. gun safes that keep unauthorized individuals from accessing it. There are still similar concerns to take care of when looking into purchasing one of these boxes, such as its resistance to fire, burglary protection, quick access for owners, as well as flooding or building collapses.

Traditional gun safes as perceived by the average gun owner, seem as the best option when considering purchasing any sort of protection for their guns, or even general valuables. But then, most burglars are pretty much associated well with these traditional safety devices, therefore, getting through to them would be simple enough to do. Read More

Top 10 Myths About Gun Safe Theft Protection

Keeping weapons at home is a risky affair. As a licensed gun owner it is necessary that you’re absolutely sure about the safety of your gun. The last thing you would want is some criminal to get hold of your guns and misusing them to their advantage. This is when gun safes come into the picture. Sturdy and solid, these tough all steel gun safes protect your guns from theft and other accidents. But your job’s not over, storing your weapons inside is a safe does not guarantee total security. Discussed below are some common myths about gun safes and the actual reality behind them. Read More

How to Choose the Best Place to Put a Handgun Safe or a Small Gun Safe?

Now that you’ve got a gun safe for protecting your weapons, the next big question is – where to put it? In fact, the location of your gun safe is more important than the quality of the safe itself! A secure and well-hidden location makes up for the technical flaws and inferior quality of your gun safe. At the end of the day it’s not what gun safe you buy but where you place it that makes all the difference. Discussed below are some practical locations for your gun safes that not only enhance the décor but are super secure as well. Check them out. Read More