Winchester Gun Safe – How They Are Different From Traditional Gun Safes?

A gun safe is what makes us feel better protected and safe, while holding on to the fact that our kids will not be able to access it without any permission provided by us. Over the years, we’ve also noticed how gun safes have become another place to store our important treasures and documents as well. All these important factors make buying one an important and necessary job, as almost everything you value will somehow end up guarded by this secure machine. Buying a useless piece of gunk, then, just for its design, or accessibility at the store, or even the marketing skills of the store clerks themselves, shouldn’t be your reason alone to purchase them.

In turn, purchasing the same old traditional safes due to its comfort level of being around for so long alone, shouldn’t be your driving factor to purchase them either. There are several things we need to understand about these contraptions before deciding to purchase one to store our most valuable assets.

  • Most traditional gun safes are RSC (Residential Security Container) rated containers, i.e. they tend to resist force by an intruder for about 5 minutes, with this force being generally attributed to machinery like screwdrivers, small hammers, and short pry bars. Therefore, a power tool can easily break through it in about 15 minutes.
  • Most RSC rated traditional gun safes are not fire proof, or to get more technical, include the lowest rating for fire proof safe classes. They’re merely thin steel boxes, specifically lined with drywall including simple carpet inside.

In turn, Winchester gun safes prove themselves as an above grade product with its improved specifications regarding these qualities that matter, especially when looking at guarding your documents from fire, or your guns from theft.

  • Most of these provide options between an electric as well as the S&G mechanical lock, that has always been a reliable one, improving its safety and security procedures in comparison to its counterpart.
  • Most of these safes included fireproofing of just another accord: with ceilings including up to 5 layers, and floors taking up almost 4 layers of these fireproof material. According to their own experiments, it should be able to handle up to 1400 Fahrenheit for 2 and a half hours. To be able to relate to our astounding awe of the fireproofing, most house fires in the US have been said to reach up to 1200 Fahrenheit in temperature while lasting for merely about an hour.
  • Most of these safes also come with added burglary protection systems, that make sure you’re aware of what is happening, or, have enough time to recollect yourself and probably take around 2 laps around a football field till the burglar is able to open this box.

Winchester gun safes, in that regard, are a simply secure and string must-have in your itinerary of safes to protect the most valuable of goods for you.

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